act quickly or get left behind the importance of staying informed

Companies who tend to downplay new technologies or those companies who simply are not paying attention to trends and changes might find themselves struggling for survivability in a fast paced economy.
In short, look at what’s happened to the video rental industry, those companies who failed to embrace change and change with it, are struggling and trying to reinvent themselves. Movie theaters are trying to keep pace with technology. You no longer have to go to the theater to purchase a ticked, you can not only make your purchase online, you can go to a kiosk at the theater (by passing lines) and make your purchase. Technology  has changed how companies large and small do business.
It really does not matter what your products and services are, not embracing technology can cause you to go out of business (depending on your products and services). What about non profit organizations and churches? I have seen churches struggle with the lack of attendance and participation.  Members needing  access to computers couldn’t go to their place of worship because their church simply did not provide access. Church members would rather visit their local church when it comes to their children getting their homework done, but since their church could not meet the need, members went to churches that embraced change. The church environment is safer and more familiar than your local library for some.  How about those member who could not make it to church? Churches who fail to embrace technology won’t be able to stream audio or provide their members an MP3 file of a sermon.
Successful shoe companies, expanded their customer base by taking their business global and online. There was a time when book stores scoffed at the ideal of electronic readers gaining  popularity and momentum in the marketplace, look at major online bookstores now as they clamor and compete for your business offering e-readers. The market for electronic content is growing. The importance for the small business and non business owner to stay informed is obvious. Take for instance, a popular online DVD rental company who decided to offer streaming content only,  for a niche market of customers who own devices without optical drives! Absolutely a brilliant and timely business decision to move with technology, by making a slight change to their business model,   I’m sure other companies will imitate.
Companies and individuals who decide to sit on the side lines and observe changes in technology,  may find themselves in distress and loosing their customer base to the competition. Some decisions require a quick action on your part and other opportunities, may afford you the opportunity to evaluate and then decide. I believe this, at the rate of progress technology improves, individuals, managers, professionals and business owners must stay informed as to the advances in technology to stay competitive, if not you will get left behind.